Faculty Council

Members of the Faculty Council:

 1. Faculty Administration:

 No.  Name Position
1 Prof.Dr. Sherif Massoud Elbadawy Interim Dean and head of the faculty council
2  Prof.Dr. Sherif Massoud Elbadawy Vice-dean for post graduate studies
 3  Prof. Dr. Sahar Sidqui Quaddah Vice-dean for education and student affairs
 4  Prof. Dr. / Amira Yassin Heikal  Vice-dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs


 2. Heads of Departments: 

No. Position
1 Head of Mechanical Power Engineering Department
2 Head of Structural Engineering Department
3 Head of Electrical Engineering Department
4 Head of Computers and Systems Engineering Department
5 Head of Architectural Engineering Department
6 Head of Mathematics and Physics Department
7 Head of Production and Mechanical Design department
8 Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department
9 Head of Irrigation and Hydraulic Engineering Department
10 Head of Public Works Engineering Department
11 Textile Engineering


 3. Representatives of Departments:

No. Name Department
 1  Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Nasr Shabara  Emeritus professor, Production Engineering and Mechanical Design Department 
 2  Prof. Dr. Mansour Hassan Mansour Abd Elrahman  Emeritus prof. Electrical Power Engineering Department
 3  Prof. Dr. Adel Mohamed Aly Elhadidi  Emeritus Prof., Textile Engineering Department
 4  Pro. Dr. Nabil Sayed Mahmoud Hassan  Emeritus Prof., Structural Engineering Department
 5  Prof. Dr. Mefreh Mohamed Salem  Emeritus Prof., Computer Engineering and Systems Department
 6  Prof. Dr. Mohamed Safwat Saad Eldeen  Emeritus Prof., Mechanical Power Engineering
 7  Mahmoud Mohamed Elgamal  Emeritus Prof., Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering Department
 8  Prof. Dr. Hoda Fikry Algamal  Emeritus prof., Public Works Engineering Department
9 Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hamed Esmat Mahdi  Emeritus prof., Architectural Engineering Department
10 Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Lotfy Hassan ElQualla  Prof., Mathematics and Engineering Physics Department
11 Prof. Dr. Hossam Eldeen Salah Mostafa  Electronics and Communications Engineering Department


 4. Faculty Experts:

AP. Dr. Ahmed Shabaan Samra  Emeritus AP., Irrigation and Hydraulucs Engineering Department 
 2  AP. Dr. Fawquia Fahim Alhabiby  Emeritus AP., Textile Engineering Department
 3  AP. Dr. Abed Mohamed Nasr  Emeritus AP., Mathematics and Physics Engineering Department


 5.Faculty Associate Professors:

No. Name


 1  AP. Dr. Tharwat Eid Tharwat Sarhan  Emeritus AP., Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering Department
 2  AP. Dr. Mohamed Samy Abdel Ghaffar  Emeritus AP., Production Engineering and Mechanical Design Department



No. Name


 1 Dr. ElSaeed Ahmad Mohamed Marzouk Emeritus Dr., Electronics and Communications Engineering Department
 2 Dr. Bishoy Elkis Sedhom Electrical Engineering Department


7.Community Members:

No. Name


 1 Eng. Khaled Hussein Nasr Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater
 2 Eng. Mohamed Ahmad Assal Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the North Delta Electricity Company
3 Eng. Samah Ali Almohamadi Director of the General Administration of Urban Planning in Dakahlia Governorate


 8. A representative of the Quality Assurance Unit, required to attend the sessions without the right to vote

9. A representative of the students, attends the introduction and some topics related to faculty students

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