Exams Affairs

Exams works:

  • Preparing lists of the seat numbers of students and passing them out to the diver survey committees.
  • Preparing subject lists of student's failure according to the exam subjects of students and passing them out to the survey committees after announcing them.
  • Preparing lists of failure subjects of the last year and passing them out to the survey committees.
  • Making exam schedules and extracting the seat numbers of students.
  • Preparing the answer papers of the exams and stamping them.
  • Preparing notification schedules.
  • Preparing the proper places of exams.
  • Preparing the medical committees for student check during the exam.
  • Notifying the faculty's security to offer the demanded safety to the exams committee and also, telling the survey committees, to secure the central control.
  • Notifying the survey committees with the names of the prevented students from exams for not attending the specified ratio of study days or who have not been called for recruitment.
  • Filling the financial lists of surveying the days of (heading exam ,surveying exams, observation, absence collectors ).
  • Preparing survey lists of the students estimates on the bulletin board at the faculty and giving a copy of it to the exams survey.
  • Surveying and preparing the lists of the first ten students of each year and for each department.

Exam affairs (study schedules) :

  • Making lecture times consulting with the scientific departments.
  • Surveying the teaching load for the teaching staff members and their assistants about their schedules and the announced schedule of the department.
  • Making the demands of the theatres ,halls and setting them in their place.
  • Announcing the department schedules.

Exam affairs (summer training):

1-Vocational training:-

Students who are moved to the 2nd year have to attend a vocational training inside the faculty

  • Addressing the scientific departments with the special survey of the training" the students numbers to determine the academic supervisors, the financial delegates, the workers who trained the students, administrators and the assistants.
  • Addressing the scientific departments to send the names of the participants in the inside training of the teaching staff members , supervisors , trainers who trained the students and the financial delegates ,administrators and the assistants.
  • Preparing the special decision of the vocational training after supervised and accredited , passing it out to the accounts to make the demands.

2-Field training :

This is for students who are moved to the 3rd -4th years inside the sectors

  • Addressing the scientific departments to know the places of students' site training and this is done by the academic supervisors.
  • Addressing the companies, sectors and factories accountable for training students through the summer holidays after announcing the places of training by the academic supervisors of the scientific departments.
  • Preparing letters for students related to their out training at the determined places by the department.
  • Receiving the training letters from students after attending the training or collecting their papers of training that are sent to us by factories, companies and the administrative area of training the students.
  • Surveying the training forms of students and sending them to the special scientific departments to be discussed.
  • Preparing the special decision of the side training and sending it to accounts to make what it demands towards the supervisors.
  • Preparing lists of the names of the supervisors from the special areas that had trained the students to.
  • After revising the special reports of the training of the scientific departments they are sent to the registration affairs dept. to keep the training letters in students files.


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