The unit's activity

To achieve the last goals, the unit of assuring quality should perform these activities:-

  1. Preparing the self-study according to the standards of the national authority for assuring the quality of education and accreditation.
  2. Preparing the annual reports of the faculty.
  3. Receipting the field visits from the management at the ministry of high education.
  4. Performing the periodic internal revisions for the scientific departments.
  5. The effective participation in preparing the markup and reports about the programs and scholastic curriculums for the faculty.
  6. The participation in preparing a markup for the managerial jobs at the faculty.
  7. Publishing the culture of quality at the faculty for the teaching staff members and the assistant staff and workers, labors and students.
  8. The participation of the unit's members as experts of quality at technical support to the different faculties at the university.
  9. Updating the unit's missions according to the novelties at the national level.
  10. Preparing, passing out, analyzing and performing the surveying treatments of questionnaires outside and inside the faculty.
  11. Activating the role of students in publishing the culture of assuring quality.
  12. Assuring the quality of educational programs and developing the performance of the educational and research process and society's service. 

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