Student's role in quality

At first ,you should know that the axe of the learning system at the university are you , yes , the student is the main goal at the learning process as all the things around you from ,lectures ,exams and symposiums and others , its main role is to improve your skills that qualifies you and make you able to compete at labor market which its competition increases day after day , hence your role in improving the educational service that you gain in your university , is the main role and also the engine of the other parts that participate with you in the university system , as simply you are the recipient of the service from the university system that you attached and the organization works on improving the educational service that you gain at university and it’s the main reason for applying quality system in learning and view of the above, your main role in applying the quality system in learning at your faculty or institute can be simplified in the following axes:-


Ask the professor of every curriculum you study about the aimed output of learning 

Ask about program describing that you study its curriculum  

Teaching and learning

Help your professors in the processes of learning and teaching by performing your assignments and participate actively in the discussions that are discussed in the lecture hall and ask important and constructive questions

Interact with your professors to apply the modern ways of learning (electronic learning –self –learning …etc) that aims to provide you with main skills that are regarded by labor market

Participate in the training programs that the university holds to improve your skills and gain more knowledge

Participate actively in field training that represents the most important demand for attaching labor market


Be careful to assess the processes of teaching and learning which during it you interact with your professors and you should be subjective at maximum to achieve the aimed goal from this assessment and habitually this assessment is performed through formal methods like :(questionnaires which is made at the end of teaching the curriculum or by using informal methods like : the question of one of your professors about your opinion about a curriculum or about another educational service that is offered for you at the university or the institute 

Team work

Help and support your colleagues in learning and also in clarifying the importance of  their role in achieving the quality of learning to ensure a better future for you and for your country .

Be careful to participate in the performance of learning activities with your colleagues to develop the skills of team work. 

Student support

Read the student guide of your faculty and be careful to know the system of studying at it and how can you attach the different specials at it and also exams systems and the roles thar organize it .

Pay attention to make use of the services of youth guarding that are available at the faculty / institute 

Be careful to discuss your professor in the results of exams to stand on the reasons of your mistakes to avoid it in the next exams .

Pay attention for the continuous communicate with  your academic guide and ask him about all what you want and ask him for advice continuously 

Drawing polices of faculty / institute

Be careful about your representation in making decisions in your faculty and in putting the plans of developing and the strategic plan of the faculty and this through participating. representatives about you in the different committees at the faculty.

Making wise decisions

Make constructive decisions and discuss it with the members of the faculty/ the institute with the aim of more of achieving quality system.  

Express your satisfaction about the practices that your faculty performs even if it is related to the teaching staff members or the administrative system or the equipments or the labs that the faculty / institute  offers

Compare between the skills that you gain with the demands of the labor market and the owners of its organizations and determine through it your demands in your organization and

Suggest by it constructive suggestions.

Your faculty /institute will make a visits for revise that are made by experts reviewer who are followed to the national authority for quality assurance and accreditation, be careful to give them the correct information without exaggeration while demanding your opinion  

Subject and equipments at the faculty / institute

Be careful to make use of the resources at your faculty / institute (library , commuters ,labs tools…etc).

Make the best use of this resources as its for you . 

Community participation :

Share your organization in the programs of community an and environmental  awareness as it’s a main part of the demands for your acquisition to the skills of work

Provide the members of the local community with service and participate in activate community participation that the faculty holds.

Participate actively in the scientific symposiums and researches that you practice on the mental and practical skills that are demanded for the labor market 

Continuous accounting :

Revise yourself continuously and judge the limit of your application for the specifications of the good student 

Ask for the consultation of academic guide at your faculty /institute if demanded

Follow what happens in your faculty through the standards of accreditation to participate in development.


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