The Training Unit

About the unit :

The only area that makes the administrative works of registration in all the courses at the faculty and this requires procedures of issuing registration forms, certificates and worthies,…etc.

The unit's goals :

Short –term goals

  • Preparing a trainer able to use the programs of the computer in different specials.
  • Preparing special technical training programs in the different engineering domains that accommodates the needs of the community and the labor market.
  • The continuous development for the training programs to cope with the advancement of the commuters and technical devices.

Long –term goals

  • Preparing training courses for all the members of the administrative system at the faculty, that assures their cooperation with the technological development and assures their ability of dealing well with the electronic administration programs, as not to make some members of the administrative system burdens on the faculty.
  • Preparing training programs for the service of the engineers and the technicians in the Arab countries and exposing them on the embassies of these countries.
  • Preparing training programs for the workers at the municipalities in the engineering fields
  • Training the nominated engineers at the faculty to raise their abilities and make benefit from them in the training programs.The courses :

The courses that the unit offers 

The team work: 

  • The unit's manager:  Dr. Amera Yaseen Hekal
  • Deputy of administrative affairs: Dr. Samy Khalaf Allah
  • Technical affairs deputy :  Dr. Mohamed Gamal Arab
  • Administrator :   Alshaimaa Mohammed Abd alaleem

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