About the BME Program

Biomedical engineering is a science that combines engineering sciences with medical and biological sciences, through the development of devices capable of treating diseases.  Medical engineering greatly allows creativity, development, and invention due to the diversity of the medical and engineering fields.  Biomedicine engineer must know the body of a living organism to design what is compatible with it, for example, a prosthesis, an organ, or a medical device.

Biomedical Engineering Program (BME)

The biomedical engineering program represents a basic pillar of the nation's capabilities in the digital transformation stage.

The medical engineering major is a mixed interdisciplinary major that combines electronic engineering, computer engineering and production engineering, mechanical design, and a combination of medical sciences.

 The program won first place in the new programs at Mansoura University in the year 2018, according to the evaluation of the Project Management Unit, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with a total of 19.5%.

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