Administrative Procedures

The required documents for post graduate studies:

  1. Application form to the professor/Dean of the faculty
  2. Data form for the students of post graduate studies.
  3. Official document of working in government or public sector and agreement permission from work side for those who work in the government or public sector
  4. An official document of not working and commitment of admission of scholarships (scholar ships' students)
  5. birth certificate
  6. Acopy of national identity card.
  7. A certificate for doing military service for males or their recruitment state.
  8. Equavalent certificates from the supreme council of universities [for those who have)
  9. Six personal photos for student
  10. Enrollment card request
  11. A desire card for student who have applied for post graduate studies or have an admission of mechanism of joining or an inner coordination
  12. For recruited students, they must have military permission for full time study for two days
  13. Coupon payment of tuition fees



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