Sector's missions

the community services and environmental development affairs sector's missions


  • Preparing the plan of the community services and the environmental developments affairs and this by the coordination with the scientific departments and that includes :
    • Symposiums, workshops and environmental and health awareness programs.
    • Training programs for the intended sectors ( academic leaders – teaching staff members and the assistants – students and graduates )
  • Arranging the conferences , symposiums and workshops at the field of community services and environmental affairs.
  • Participation in crisis management.
  • Safety and occupational health and saving the work environment.
  • Communicating with the graduates at all the activities that the faculty makes (training programs –symposiums and workshops – employment forums.
  • Supporting the communication with all the community members and activating the role of the special centers in serving the services and participation in solving the community problems.
  • Measuring and assessing the satisfaction of labor work and civil society about the preformation of the organization and the graduates and this through :
    • Making questionnaires and passing them out on the beneficiaries.
    • Analyzing the questionnaires.
    • The Corrective procedures. 
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