Title Published Date
MSc examination table (credit hours) for all departments, Autumn 2016. 22 December 2016
The Dean honors faculty students because of their access to the first position in a University league 18 December 2016
The Dean honors both mechatronics program manager and the former general manager 18 December 2016
An important declaration. The annual exhibition for students in Mansoura University 18 December 2016
Important Announcement for the faculty members 08 December 2016
The First Semester Examination Timetable for the academic year 2016/2017 08 December 2016
Faculty of Engineering has the first, second, and the fourth positions at Chess Championship of Mansoura University 08 December 2016
Library Manager Honoring Ceremony to get her retirement age 07 December 2016
Faculty of Engineering football team won over Students Hospital team in the session of Mansoura University staff 07 December 2016
A meeting of the strategic plan preparing committee with the faculty members of administrative body 27 November 2016
Dean of the Faculty honors Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sharqawi and Dr. Mohamed Awad for their Scientific Excellence 20 November 2016
Schedule of the first-semester final exams for the academic year 2016/2017 20 November 2016
How to get academic research science and technology funding for graduation projects 20 November 2016
Symposium (Introducing of the contest "Linking academic education and the needs of the industry"). 13 November 2016
Important announcement from the training unit: 13 November 2016
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