System stages

The committee decided to implement this system in two stages

First stage:
(A) Implementation of projects as follows:

  1. Preparation of strategic plans for quality assurance all over universities.
  2. Building a quality assurance centre all over universities.
  3. Building inner system for quality in side faculty.
  4. Putting academic criteria as national reference all over committees of this sector.

(B) The development through participation:
The aim is to enable high education institutions to develop and test the effectiveness of their quality system and how efficient are the brochures and reports used.

Second stage:
It is the stage of accreditation which the national association of quality and accreditation will take over.
In this course Mansoura University set up a quality assurance and performance evaluation centre in which each faculty setup an inner system of quality assurance and accreditation. Mansoura University was first one to do a lot of activities in the field of quality assurance and accreditation because the university always wants the progressive improvement in the academic, administrative, research and university and community services
Thus, the university decided to set up quality assurance and performance evaluation in its faculties. It has a private nature.
It has technical, administrative and financial independence according to the article (307) from the executive regulation of the law (49) for 1972 concerned the universities organization.
For more information visit the web site of the unit.

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