Student care

The goals of student care at the faculty

  • Fill the free time of the students and improve their cultural and creative talents that adds to their personality an excellence between their colleges
  • The variety of activities make a big chance to participate students in the different activities and remove the problem of students reluctance of participation
  • Showing the ability of the students through a positive competition and participation far away the negative ideas that makes the students far away from ambition and looking forward an excellent future.

  Students union :

It’s a permitted student organization that is built on organizing the student activities and working on it to benefit the students socially , culturally , and at the sport and entertainment level and it is consisted of the students of the faculty

  1. Asserting the relation between students and their professors
  2. Publishing and formatting the activity
  3. Encourage making students family
  4. Improving the moral values

union's committees :

There are seven commitees that students can practice thier activities through them.

The scientific and technological committee:

The aim of this committee is to find out the scientific talents of the students and also the genius of them and helping them to change their projects to reality and this through helping them financially and this by funding these explorations and geniuses that may change to reality , that can make benefit to society and university and a committee from a professional professors is formed to determine the importance of these geniuses and the level of its application and changing it to reality.

Cultural committee :

Making the mature youth and building their personality and strengthen his faith ,experts, abilities ,talents ,hobbies and willingness is the main aim of this committee through recognizing the specifications of this society through making festivals and holding a religious-scientific-cultural symposiums and printing prints that develop the talents of poetry and essay at students in addition to the cultural competitions at the domain that cope with the students talents.

Roving and public service :

Roving is self dependent and improving the spirit of belonging and the outdoor life and practice the different activities (sports –culture –art-social) and these activities are practiced through the program of clan roving program at the faculty and through holding camps at the faculty or outside it.

The goal of roving activity :

Good preparing for student for the service of his environment and his community and country and this through :

  • Preparing scout leaders from roving 
  • Preparing youth through the camps of environment service and the training camps

And students who want to catch roving ,fill the applicant of it at student care office

Sports committee :

Student care at the faculty gives importance to the student activities that are important for students and among these activities is sport activity and it includes :football ,volleyball, handball, basketball, bin bong , athletic , swimming wrestling , boxing , judo and squash

  • The applicant of the sport activity is taken
  • An activity courses are made
  • The best elements are chosen to represent the faculty
  • The sportswear is given and the funds of travelling to tams

Artistic committee :

The artistic committee is one of the committees of the student union which through it the students practices all the kinds of art activity through a n educational framework
And the committee aims generally to improve the senses at students in faculty by its various kinds of arts : draw – theatre draw – singing – carving – music –chorus – popular arts-theatric act – silent act.

Familys committee :

Family is like the tie that links the student with the professor that gives chance to know his problems and help solving it , through it practice all the activities : cultural – sports – social – art and the mission of family committee is to encourage forming families and supporting its activity and links between its members and making good relations among them by participating them in various activities by holding festivals and competitions aiming to make a kind of healthy competition and stretch the limits of their mental realizations.

Students care administration consists of:

Social specialists and their missions are

  • Passing out feed cards to students who live outside the university town
  • Studying the social researches that are offered by students who are unable and this to get a help from the social solidarity fund at the faculty and the limit of their worthy to it
  • Testing the students who participate in the camps which are arranged by the high council for youth and sports , according to their participation in the activities and their scientific excellence 
  • Following up the cases the needs financial help and solving the problems that face students even with they families or among themselves .

Sport specialists and their missions are:

Executing the plan of the sport activity inside the faculty or outside it 

And to consist families , the following steps are demanded : 

The families leader apply an application by the name of Prof . Dr/ the dean of the faculty that shows formation of the family and its renewal according the last standards and it should be attached with :

  1. A certificate that shows the names of the students and the year , department , address and the telephone number if available and also the managing members and writing beside every name the leading position attached with 4 photos
  2. The working plan through the year and this data is put in a file written on it the family's name and its leader ,its site and drawing its logo at the top of it
  3. The activity of any family starts after its registration and populating and his after forming the new students union and the family continues its activity until its renewal for the next year

any activity hold by the family is through the students care at the faculty and before organizing that , the committee should know about it before 10 days of it establishment and for the approval of that a written request is demanded by the name of Prof..Dr/the den of the faculty, assigned by the family's leader ,that shows the aimed activity and it is applied to the committee's supervisor at the students care.

In case of making a trips the names of the participants from students and supervisors should be determined

Social committee and trips:

The work at the social activity and journeys

social activity :

The social activities are practiced through many ways for work that help to :

  • Developing the university souls among the students and the teaching staff members and workers
  • Developing the spiritual morals and ethics and national acquirement among the students
  • Finding out students talents and developing students talents and their abilities
  • Complete socialization

  Journeys :

Making journeys has many various social , cultural, tourism and religious aims and working on increasing knowledge and achieve the belonging to students, and the faculty orders journeys to its students ,also the general administration for student care at university offers journeys to all students at university at these programs :

  1. Organize to her students the one day journeys with attending the theatre shows and also long journeys to enjoy archeological and tourist areas 
  2. Exchange cultural and entertainment visits to European and Arab countries to the excellent students at the scientific and the activities level 
  3. Organizing entertainment, religious and cultural summer camps to the faculty students and all the other students through summer period.

social assistance :

The social assistance that the faculty offers varies to help them continue the educational process as follows

A.feed card :

feeding cards are given to students to gain feed boons for lunch for four days weekly on Sundays , Mondays , Tuesdays and Wednesdays , feeding boons are given weekly to the follow week on Sundays and Mondays.

The conditions of getting feeding card :

  • Student should be Egyptian and not from other country 
  • Student should be newcomer at his band 
  • Student should pay the university fees 

Student fill the application of this that are found at student care and stamp on it 2 university stamp +ordinary stamp +2 sunny photos and is applied to the feed supervisor at student care.

B.Social solidarity fund :

Social solidarity funds aim to :

  1. Achieve social solidarity for students in different way from social care and funds
  2. Particpate in executing student services
  3. Working on solving the problems of students that makes them far from cool continuous in their study because of their financial disability.

Social solidarity fund gives his help tow times annually.

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