The managing council

Mr.Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd El Azim Mohamed Abd El Azim The faculty's dean and the head of the managing board
MR.Prof.Dr. /Sherief Masoud Ahmed El Badwy the faculty's representative for post graduating and research affairs
MR.P.Dr.Mohamed Gamal Ebrahim Mohamed Mahdy the faculty's representative for student and learning affairs
MR.P.DR.Ibrahim Lotfi El-Kalla the faculty's representative for society's learning and environmental affairs
MR.A.DR.Iprahim Abd ALghafar badran the manager of the quality assurance unit
A.Prof/Mervat Mohammed Aboalkhair the deputy of the quality assurance unit 'manager
Prof.Dr/Ahmed Ahmed Abdalfatah Alsorwa the head of Math and Geometric Physics dept.
Prof .DR/Saad Saad Alsayed Eskandar the head of electrical engineering dept.
Prof.Dr/Tarek Abd al hameed Saafan the head of irrigation and hydraulic dept.
prof.DR/Ahmed Shaaban Median Samra the head of electronics and communication engineering dept.
Prof.Dr/Fawkia Faheem Ismaeel the head of textile engineering dept.
Prof.DR/Ahmed Mahmoud Yossef the head of structure engineering dept.
rof.Dr./Mahmoud Mowafy Iprahim the head of public engineering dept
Prof . DR/Hassan Ali Mohammed Soltan the head of production engineering and mechanical design dept.
Prof.Dr/Mohammed Mohammed Taha al azzab the head of architecture engineering dept.
Prof.Dr/Mohammed GHadoob Saafan the head of mechanical power engineering dept.
Prof.DR/Maher Mohamed Abd alrazek the manager of communication and information program
Ashraf Tawfeek Aldeeb the general manager
eng/Abdalraoof Ammar the head of quality section at electricity distribution company
Eng/Mohammed Fawzi Agwa the manager of east Damietta production station project
representative about engineering syndicate  
Eng/beshowy Alkes Sedhom member at the assistant staff
the secretary of the student union  
students delegate three students delegates evenly


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