Title Published Date
The weekly meeting of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department: 13 November 2016
Scholarship for college students 13 November 2016
Online the steps of submitting for the post graduate studies on the internet 18 September 2016
Announcement about debating the master thesis of eng/ mohamed awad tawfik abdalaziz 18 September 2016
An invitation to participate the festival of the university families 18 September 2016
Announcement about debating the thesis of eng. ahmed mahmoud mohamed alhossini alkhawaga 18 September 2016
A workshop entitled " the roadmap to search for a future job. 18 September 2016
Announcement about a symposium for the faculty of engineering graduates 18 September 2016
The islamic universities league holds a scientific exposition for the graduation projects 18 September 2016
A modification in timetable of the credit hours diploma , spring semester 26 June 2016
The periodical program of the practical training to the students of faculty of engineering at the projects of the engineering organization 26 June 2016
Announcement with the names of the applied students at the practical training of the armed forces engineering authority. 26 June 2016
The honoring of prof.dr/ ahmed mahmoud yousef at the science day at mansoura university 26 June 2016
A training chance at the company of drinking water and sanitation 26 June 2016
Announcment about debating the master thesis of eng. helal ezzat helal 26 June 2016
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