Enrollment affairs

Enrollment affairs

1-student registration.

  • Student’s files.
  • Medical treatment.
  • Paying fees.
  • Recruitment situation.
  1. Student conversion.
  2. Case statement.
  3. IDs.
  4. Excellence awards.
  5. Statistics (of the kinds of the accepted certificates at the faculty and the geographical distribution).
  6. Making the financial state magazine where the paid and unpaid fees are put in.
  7. Making the health insurance card for checking up students.

Registration affairs( new comers enrollment) 


  1. Receiving the coordination files from student supervision affairs at the university.  
  2. Receiving the files of students from students.
  3. Revising the files according to the university distribution and arranging.
  4. Filling the applications of the medical checkup (model no.1).
  5. Distributing the students on classes.

Determining the recruitment situation and the registration at recruitment file as the follow:

  • Student at the age of recruitment (18) years and they are asked to get model no( 6 draft ) or replacement of lost (7 draft)  , 2 draft of completed stamp.
  • Students who haven’t exceeded the legal age and they are asked to get model no.2 draft and it's reserved in the file until they reach the legal age.
  • The model no .2 draft is filled in the two conditions and it’s sent to the military communication office at the university.
  1. Filling the dismissal notice to pay the fees of registration and study fees and labs safety.
  2. Entering the personal pictures of the students in the computer and making the ID cards.
  3. Surveying the excellent students at the general secondary who are worthy to excellent award. 

enrollment affairs ( student  transfer)

Student conversion of student who are candidate to the counterpart faculties and the non-counterpart faculties to the faculty 

  • The conversion requests are collected and the student enrollment.
  • The applications are analyzed and lists of whom were accepted are done.
  • The detections of the accepted students are shown to the committee of students and learning affairs and then they are ratified by the university’s administration.
  • The procedures of enrollment are finished according to the newc omers enrollment.
  • The files are requested from the faculties where the transference was from it.

In the case of a request to transfer to the faculty from another corresponding faculty , the following shall be brought:

  1. Statement of case with estimates and numerical marks that a student has got maximum mark of each study subject, class work of the different study subjects (if there are any), this can be obtained from the faculty where he has been transferred.
  2. An authentic copy of the general secondary school form.
  3. A copy of the identity card (the national number).
  4. An electricity consumption receipt  or a telephone invoice bearing the name of student's tutor.
  5. A statement of the education content of the subjects that the students has studied in the study years that the student has spent in the faculty from where he has been transferred, this statement must be authenticated or state sealed.
  6. Applications are introduced to the central bureau of transfer which exists at the students hostel on Geehan Street (Mansoura city), not to the faculty, at the appointed time.

** Note: Applications of transfer are accepted form only the students residents within the geographical boundary of Mansoura University, this is : (Daquhalia governorate, Damietta governorate, Al-Mahalla al-Kobra governorate, Samannoud, Biala (only) in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate)

  1. Student must be successful and elevated to the higher study year, not that who has offered an execuse or that whose registration has been suspended.
  2. Applications of students obtaining certificates at hte technical health insititute are never accepted.
  3. Applications are never accepted after a month from the start of academic year has elapsed are never accepted.
  4. Branching of transferred students to the first study year is done according to the rules set by the faculty council.
  5. After approving  students' transfer letters are sent to the faculties of the  approving, and requesting the  students' file , who in his turn,disengages himself from the faculty from where he has been transferred, so as it can be able to send the file by post.

Transferring students who are candidate to the faculty to a counterpart or no counterpart faculty

  • Transfer requests are collected from students who want to move from the faculty.
  • A case statement is given to the faculty of engineering-Mansoura university  that shows the nomination.
  • The documents and the files of  the accepted  students to move from the faculty as soon as receiving a letter that shows the acceptance of their move to other faculties and this is done after their evacuation if they were enrolled in the faculty.

Enrollment affairs (case statement)

  1. Student applies to get his or her case statement during the registration with a stamped application in the following cases:-
  • Modifying the nomination to another faculty.
  • Conversion to another faculty.
  • Joining the university cities for the first time.
  1. The applications are collected and then extracting the statement according to the applied request.
  2. The demanded statement is given to the student.

Enrollment affairs (ID.. excellence award)


  1. After completing the enrollment /the IDs are made for every student (the card).
  2. The IDs are made by computer through the technical center of communication and information and this is done after entering the student’s data on the computer at the faculty.
  3. The IDs are renewed every academic year after paying the study fees.

Excellence awards

  1. Making a survey for students who get excellence or very good estimate for all the study departments and making lists of them.
  2. Making lists of the award worthy from the excellent students at the general secondary who got 80% or more and also the technical diploma.
  3. The detections are sent to the accountant department to make the financial procedures.
  4. Passing out the awards on students through the faculty’s safe. 
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