Establishment of the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering in Mansoura is considered one of the leading faculties of engineering in Delta region. It has gone through many stages until it reached its current state.

The Higher Industrial Institute was established in 1957 to graduate technicians. The study period was four years, then the study period was increased to five years in 1959, in 1961 it was divided. The study at the institute was divided into two stages, the duration of the study in the first stage is three years, at the end of which the student obtains a diploma of higher industrial institutes.

In 1974, Republican Decree No. (542) for the year 74 was issued to convert the Higher Industrial Institute in Mansoura into the Faculty of Engineering, where the scientific and human capabilities qualified to convert the Institute into a Faculty, the duration of study there was five years. In the years following 1974 and until now, the faculty developed a great scientific development, as its area increased and the advanced laboratories multiplied that serve the educational process, it has become one of the leading faculties among the Engineering Faculties in Egypt.

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Mansoura, Republic Street - the university campus, the main gate to Al-Bahr Street

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