The concepts and expressions of quality

While using these concepts and expressions the organization assures the shown meaning of it and the organization is well acquainted that these expressions may be had been mentioned in different meanings in references or another guides and the organization assures that these concepts had been sampled greatly to make large use of it to be adapted with the intended people of it.

Quality assurance:

the special process to make sure of the academic and organizational standards which are adapted with the message of the educational organization had been acknowledged and achieved in the adapted way with the opposite standards even at the national or the international level

Accreditation standards:

standards is the demanded minimum at the organization and they are regarded as the guides of the practices and performs and the accreditation is happened through the limit of them at the organization and the organization has to revise the limit of possessing it and they include eight standards connected with the ability of the organization and eight standards connected with the educational activity of the organization(revise the accreditation guide at the organization site)

Revising visits:

a visits are hold by a prepared team from the national authority "recognized as the outer revise team" to assess the extent of the educational organization's covering to quality and accreditation team
The educational organization : is the faculty or the institute that you belongs to to gain a scientific degree bachelor or a higher degree (diploma/masters/PHD…)

The message of the faculty /institute:

is the face that expresses the faculty and its field ,its regarded as the main supervisor to all the activities and shows its identity and what the faculty aims to achieve

The unit of quality managment :

the unit the that is responsible for managing the quality inside the organization and it has all the documents and guides of quality management inside the organization

University professor :

Intended through the context the teaching staff member (professor-assistant professor-instructor) or member at the assistant staff(assistant or instructor)

Academic guide :

offer the services of the academic guide through supervising the student's performance and help the student in choosing the curriculums or changing it each term … etc ,the main specifications of him are :faire , good treatment ,affection ,getting the guide role, respect students 's emotions, giving importance to their study advancement , ability of solving their problems, and dealing with all their study levels , accept the guide topics with tenderness ,encourage the students on making their decisions by themselves, has the ability of developing their abilities and being in his office when needed.

The qualifications of the good student :

has some of skills ,knowledge and experts in his field ,in the field of life and citizenship through a moral framework and the legation specified some standards that should be offered at the graduate all (professor-student –leaders …etc)aim to achieve through quality organization

The intended:

all the members of the organization society ,the local society in relation with the organization
Default students :students of leaning disabilities and who don’t achieve the aimed educational results or who are with the possibility of failure

The outer and inside supervisors :

the outer supervisors are the formed team by the authority to hold the outer supervise, and the inside supervisors are any team work formed by the faculty or the university to make sure of applying all the quality standards at the organization

Society participation :

the active mixture between society and organization through exchangeable participation through continuous efforts to develop learning and increase its validity ,solving society's problems and offering services to its members and organizations that make useful and benefit to society and on the educational organization

Academic guide:

show the students the academic programs ,systems and rules inside the faculty /institute and also fining out their abilities and tends and fiving them the chance of to make use of the experts of the teaching staff members to help them solve their problems with the convenient scientific ways for each one and aims to help student finding out his inner self and make decisions by his own and specially how to get red of difficulties through his study way.

Strategic planning :

determining the vision and mission of the organization and its aims ,strategic goals that should be achieved in a long specific period (5 years or more)and also the demanded means to achieve that.

Strategic plan:

represents the result of the strategic planning and it should be written and accredited and should determine the vision and the mission of the organization and its aims ,strategic goals and the available and future means to achieve this and reflects the strategy of the university /academy

The executive plan of the organization's strategy:

include all the demanded activities and missions to achieve the aims of the organization and its strategic goals with an accurate determine to responsibilities ,and the timetable , assessment and the levels of achievement.

Correct and cure procedures:

are the group of procedures that the organization decides to hold to cover some uncovered standards or to stress the special performance of some applied standards to keep its apply

Development plan :

determining the demanded missions for the development process and executing responsibilities ,the periodical framework and a system for supervise ,alternative procedures in case of default execute

Convenient mechanism:

way is recognized by the faculty /institute and its convenient with its nature and students nature like complain office –apply for a demand or sending E-mail

Questionnaire :

specific tools for knowing opinion or collecting data about a specify topic /topics and its prepared according to a scientific conditions and its results are been analyzed in a survey way to know opinions.
Feed back :make use of the results of assessment and correcting the way towards the demanded goal.

Academic programs:

are executed at the organizations for gaining a scientific degree bachelor/masters/PHD…..etc)and they include the curriculums and the activities this provide the student with knowledge and skills also the demanded values for achieving a planned educational goals and in a specific study field

Program/curriculum folder :

a folder contains details about the curriculum and it's reports for the last years ,the teaching ,assessment activities ,students comments ,and experts opinions ; and the procedures that were done for its improvement ,the procedures that are still being executed and what links to the curriculum to include better performance to make use of the last year experiences in improving performance and it includes better performance regardless to the responsible for the curriculum

Describing program/curriculum:

includes determination to the academic standards ,the educational aimed goals and results ,teaching and assessment strategies ;it determines the curriculums and dividing its hours and what associated with the program for its successful implementation

Cooperating learning :

it’s a study system for students where students work through different groups from 4 to 6 persons, and one of the main objects of the cooperative work that it don’t allow students to be negative learners but they are encouraged to active participation in learning to interact with their students, and explain what they learned for each others and listening to their points of view and encourage themselves.


the ability of student to continue his abilities of self- development and his knowledgeable ,brain and work skills and this differentiates with the routine ways of learning.


training in work field that prepare students to attach with it like training in factories ,hospitals, and schools …..etc

The aimed learning programs(learning outputs):

what should be gained by the learner from knowledge , skills, tends ,values and it shows the academic standards and they are measurable and so they are related directly with the different ways of students assessment.

Library hours :

specified hours when the teaching staff members are available in their offices to receipt students and discuss any learning problems related to them and working on solving it .

Student guide:

A guide is prepared by faculty /institute and it contains information minds them about the faculty /institute and the available programs ,and the mechanisms of attaching them and also the learning ,social ,health ,psychological and cultural services….etc that the faculty or the institute offers and how to make use of it

Students assessment:

some ways among them the exams are held by the organization to measure the limit of achieving the aimed learning goals (students knowledgeable ,mental and professional abilities and skills ) from educational program or a specific curriculum.

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