Library vision



Excellence in office services, creating an atmosphere of knowledge for both faculty members and students, in addition to qualifying cadres that contribute effectively to community and sustainable development.


Preparing a distinguished graduate scientifically and creatively in the field of engineering who will be able to meet the needs of the local and regional labor market, committed to ethical practices and professional values ​​by keeping pace with modern methods of education.



  • Providing all forms of holdings of books and references that develop the skills and requirements of scientific research through the latest technological services and technologies.
  • Meeting the needs of faculty members and researchers from inside and outside the university in conducting scientific research in accordance with international quality standards.
  • Offering office technical consultations, holding training programs and workshops on how to use global databases.
  • Developing and training  library staff to ensure keeping pace with the latest information technologies to provide a distinguished library service.
  • Updating the beneficiaries with the latest information needed.

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Mansoura, Republic Street - the university campus, the main gate to Al-Bahr Street

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