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Students in this department study power in general and the processes that within it the power changes from one to another shape ,or it changes from one place to another .There is a partial concentration to two groups of power shapes and they are mechanical and thermal energy, with regard to the other shapes of powers. Let's the start with the sun the main source of power in our earth planet thermal energy that comes from it is essential for number of creatures .Also, all the meteorological phenomena changes to mechanical energy .Raining 'steaming and intensification 'is linked to exchanging power processes. Chlorophyll representation of the plants is a process of changing light energy to chemical energy that changes to food for the other creatures. Food digestion in the human body or any other creature is a mechanical energy absorption that changes it to thermal energy to keep temperature, or changing it to electric energy for nervous system, or changing it to mechanical energy for muscles movement or blood movement in addition to energy exchanging processes are linked to breathing or draw toxins from the blood. The invention of the steam machine has the great affection on the industrial revolution that involves many machines works through exchanging energy processes like: - , cars, plans and trains and air conditioning refrigeration equipment and a number of industrial processes in addition to power generation stations ,or water distribution networks. National progress is always measured by the amount of energy that everyone uses, as it indicates the industrial productive level and welfare level. The measure of increasing people and their increasing activities is larger than the increasing power measure that leads to the world energy problem, so the whole world tends to various the sources of energy of energy, as not to be depending on what is called the fossil fuels, it will contain the renewable energy like:-sun and winds. All that will lead to create new fields to the graduates' even he is an engineer or a searcher.

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