Instructions for using the library and the borrowing system


Conditions that must be met by the borrower internally and externally:

The student enrolled in the faculty has the right for both internal and external borrowing, in order for this to be done, the following conditions must be met:

     ⁃ The student should ask the librarian for a borrowing guarantee form.
   ⁃ The form shall be filled by the student by “Signing the Student Affairs indicating his enrollment in the faculty and a government employee  guaranteeing the student in case the book is lost or damaged.”
    ⁃ After filling the guarantee form by the student enrollment procedures and the guarantee of the government employee, the student is entitled to borrow according to conditions of the library administration.

Library borrowing rules:

The student has the right to borrow for a week, which is renewed by the library, this is applicable to preparatory students till third year students. Fourth year students have the right to borrow two books, one for a week and the other for a project throughout the semester.

For students of the Department of Architecture in its various years, borrowing us for a maximum of three days, taking into account the management of the library to preserve the holdings of architecture books because they contain valuable pictures in order to provide the opportunity for all students to borrow or photocopy and it can be renewed if necessary.

Article (28) states that the library has the right to deprive any of the borrowers who are late in returning the book to the library.

In the event of a violation of the borrowing rules, whether the borrowed book is damaged or lost, the rules of violation are applied with a deduction of four times the price of the book + 25% administrative expenses from the guarantor, and the value of the book is delivered to the Educational Services Fund (the library).

Article (21) of the Libraries Regulations states that the library places are designated for reading and perusing the receptacles of information obtained from the library. Despite that, the library made an exception for this article under these circumstances and allows students to enter for discussion, research, and use of laptop devices due to the lack of other places for students .
Under the circumstances of delaying the start of the study in the second semester and reducing the burden on students, the borrowing door was opened for all years throughout the week without specifying dates.

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