Infrastructure Engineering Program

About IEE Program

The Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering (IEE) program is considered a unique specialization among the traditional civil engineering disciplines. This program is concerned with the application of engineering systems to environmental issues related to the design of infrastructure in urban places. This program was developed to suit the labor market at the local and global levels.

Within the framework of the state's plan to develop public utilities for all urban communities in order to advance the process of integrated development aimed at raising the standard of living for citizens. The Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development pays great attention to infrastructure projects throughout Egypt, especially new cities, as well as the delivery of sewage services to all villages. This trend is not only a local trend, but is the trend in most countries of the world.

Road works, transportation, traffic, feeding works with drinking water, irrigation water and sewage works are among the most vital projects that touch the basic needs of the citizen, and are among the basic pillars of infrastructure projects. It is considered one of the most important vital facilities necessary for the growth and development of cities. It provides roads and water for various uses (domestic - industrial - commercial - tourism - public). It also provides water to irrigate green spaces and the green belt of cities and protect them from environmental pollution. Thus, protecting the citizen from the spread of diseases, and raising the level of public health for citizens.

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