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Sustainable Architecture Program


SAE program seeks to achieve leadership and excellence within the fields of architecture, environment, and sustainability both nationally and regionally.


SAE program seeks to prepare a distinct graduate of sustainable architecture engineering through a developed educational process that meets the demands of the national and regional labor market and community service by providing high-quality education in the field of specialization whether it is interior design or urban design architecture.  SAE program also aims at presenting graduates who possess skills that allow them to practice the profession of urban and interior design effectively, deal with the real problems of this field, join the labor market, and provide the society with specialized services that aim at improving the building environment.  


  • Preparing qualified and trained personnel in the field of architectural engineering, especially sustainable architecture, based on the standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in accordance with the comprehensive national development plans.
  • Contributing to raising professional efficiency and forming a generation of remarkable engineers and researchers in the field of Architectural, Environmental, Interior Design, and Urban Design Engineering.
  • Building bridges that link the world’s latest research and technology to the professional reality.
  • Increasing the sense of citizenship, supporting team spirit, and respecting time and work as a lifestyle.
  • Participating in achieving the comprehensive national development plan, using science to serve society, and providing means of environmental services for the new urban communities.
  • Designing systems, elements, and processes to meet social and national needs within the frameworks of realistic constraints existing in the national community.
  • Designing, experimenting, analyzing, and interpreting data to provide sustainable environmental solutions for social problems.
  • Identifying, formulating, and solving engineering issues raised in the realistic social arena.
  • Using suitable engineering techniques, skills, and tools for working in the field of engineering and project management to ensure the foundations and standards of sustainable development and life quality.
  • Working effectively within multidisciplinary teams.
  • Communicating effectively with other people.
  • Bearing in mind the effect of engineering solutions on society and environment.
  • Showing knowledge of contemporary engineering issues raised in the realistic social arena.
  • Showing professional and ethical responsibilities as well as ensuring effective professional practice.
  • Engaging in self-sustained learning.
  • Applying the basics, foundations, concepts, theories, and sciences of interior design in solving applied problems in the field of subspecialty whether interior or urban design architecture.
  • Producing different patterns of drawings, forms, and executive documents related to sustainable environmental engineering.
  • Choosing techniques, substances, and requirements suitable for interior architecture and high-quality buildings.

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