Laboratory unit Management Activity Report

The following is a report about the unit's activity for the academic year 2020-2021:

1. Preparing to hold sessions for the laboratories committee to discuss topics and developments related to laboratories such as the unit’s annual report and the unit’s plan for the advancement of the sector, the formation of a committee to choose the best laboratory to encourage laboratories prepare all the necessary matters regarding program approval and make an actual case study for laboratories according to the quality requirements model.

2. Attending (Entering data about stock and warehouses on Al-Ameen system) at the Technology Center in the context of electronic transformation so as to start transferring all the faculty stock to Al-Ameen system.

3. A training workshop was held on 26/4/2021, in the virtual lab for laboratory supervisors, supply staff and warehouse management (to enter their stock into Al-Ameen system for warehouses and stock). Eng. Alaa Heiba, System Officer, at the Technology Center and lectured in the workshop where he discussed obstacles that face staff while using the new version of Al-Ameen’s system.

4. The data of the laboratory supervisors was collected using Google Form (the name and the national ID card number), the Technology Center was addressed through the Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service to activate the login accounts on Al-Ameen system for them.

5. An inventory of all the laboratories has been made to know the laboratories that have no computers or internet connection for the laboratory supervisors to work on providing them to start entering their stock on Al-Ameen system.

6. A comprehensive report on the laboratories unit has been submitted to Prof. Dr. / Dean of the faculty, including the unit’s tasks, organizational structure, work plan, human resources data for the laboratories sector, laboratories whose infrastructure have been developed and laboratories to be developed, laboratories that have been newly established, and laboratories that seek accreditation.

7. A report was submitted to Prof. Dr. / Dean of the faculty, including the division of all faculty laboratories according to the specializations they serve, the services performed by the laboratories, and the updates.

8. A competition was held to select the best laboratory in the faculty, other than the accredited laboratories, it was announced and a list of requirements prepared by the Quality Assurance Unit at the faculty was prepared. A committee was formed headed by Prof. Dr. Sahar Sedky, Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, and the membership of some of the members of laboratories Committee, namely: Dr. El-Sayed Abu El-Anwar ( unit director), Dr. Marwa Abdel-Wahab, Dr. Moaz Ahmed Sami, and Eng. Abeer El-Toukhi (laboratory Administration director).

9. An internal evaluation and review committee was formed for all the faculty labs with the same members to evaluate their situation in light of the requirements in the Quality Assurance Unit form, which was based on the evaluation of the laboratories applying for the best laboratory competition in the faculty, the committee made a visit schedule for all laboratories in addition to a detailed report about the status of each lab. A memorandum was submitted by Prof. Dr. / Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service to the various scientific departments about the status of each lab for processing, in light of the approval of the faculty’s programs.

10. A poster form was created for each lab, containing the lab's basic data, the experiments that take place there, and the research trends in it.

11. All scientific departments were contacted before the beginning of the study to determine the needs of their laboratories for maintenance and equipment in order to be ready for the start of the study. All incoming requests were directed to the various authorities such as the Secretary of the Faculty and the Maintenance Unit for implementation.

12. The scientific departments were addressed to specify the guiding instructions which are followed when entering and using the equipment of each lab in order to make guiding boards to be installed at the entrance to each lab.

13. The scientific departments have been addressed to prepare the labs' brochures and send a copy of them to the labs unit to be uploaded on the unit's website to promote the labs.

14. The website of the laboratories unit has been developed to include the following elements: basic data of the unit, tasks, staff, a list of laboratories and the services they perform, an overview of the approved laboratories, a summary of what has been done for laboratories seeking accreditation, a summary of the work points of the laboratories committee, presentation of brochures, laboratory experiments, annual reports of the unit, photo gallery of laboratories, the activity of each laboratory and the role it plays in serving the educational, research and service process, a guidebook for occupational safety and security in laboratories.

15. Participation in the workshops for laboratories seeking accreditation from January,2020 till now, where a case study was carried out by the International Agency for Quality Systems and Accreditation (SWAT Egypt) and a detailed explanation of the standard specification 17025 related to the accreditation of laboratories of higher education institutions and traffic with the committee on the laboratories to determine the needs, equipment and labor to qualify for accreditation.

16. Participation in the second stage, which is the preparation of files for the advanced laboratories to obtain accreditation, and the third stage, which is activation and start of work in light of the requirements for accuracy in results, integrity, privacy of customer data and incoming samples. It is expected that the files of the nine laboratories will be submitted to the National Council for Quality and Accreditation (EJAC) at the end of this year.

17. Following up now after completing the stage of preparing the files and the stage of activation of the quality system on the ground in the nine advanced laboratories for accreditation. Quality procedures and models have been distributed to the laboratories for activation, purchase of standard specifications, and follow-up to calibrate the equipment of some laboratories.

18. In view of the faculty’s senior management to adopt the dissemination of the culture of quality and seek to adopt more laboratories in the faculty, a symposium was held for heads of scientific departments and laboratory supervisors on 3/10/2021, the lecturer was Eng. Khaled Sadiq, laboratory quality consultant, who is in charge of training the work team responsible for the nine labs applying to qualify for accreditation.

19. Preparation for the training meeting to activate the files of the laboratory quality system (QMS), which is the second part (Round 2), from the files of the nine laboratories and to stand on the problems they face to solve and clarify what is needed. The trainer is a consultant engineer from the agency (Swat Egypt), which was done in the road laboratory, soil and foundations laboratory, irrigation and hydraulics laboratory, and in the presence of documentation officials and quality managers of the nine laboratories qualified for accreditation and a team work of the engineering laboratories unit.

20. Preparing, printing and delivering copies of the files required for the nine laboratories qualified for accreditation from the part of the internal audit, making modifications to some forms, and filling out the forms required from the central laboratory quality system in preparation for their approval.

21. Updating the list of laboratory supervisors for the year 2022. A group of laboratory supervisors has been established by Prof. Dr. / director of the laboratory unit for ease of communication.

22. Preparing and attending the training meeting to activate the files related to the laboratory quality system (QMS), which is the third part (Round 3) of the files related to the nine laboratories, to identify the problems they face to solve and clarify what is necessary. Soil lab, foundations, irrigation and hydraulics lab, in the presence of documentation officials, quality managers of the nine labs qualified for accreditation, the engineering lab unit work team, in addition to uploading all information on the lab unit page.

23. Passing by the laboratories to take some notes in order to improve the work environment in the laboratories and to find out the maintenance and the infrastructure work required for the laboratories.

24. Alert the laboratories to the necessity of being present according to the official working hours, especially according to the work schedules of their laboratories with the beginning of the new academic year.

25. Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Azim, Dean of the Faculty, and under the direction of giving priority to laboratories, 14 new laboratories were developed, renovated and created to improve laboratories’ conditions, provide suitable laboratories and keep pace with the expectations of all new in different engineering disciplines.

26. Passing through the laboratories to prepare a report so as to complete the development of the infrastructure for the rest of the faculty laboratories in order to set the investment plan for the faculty in the presence of Assistant Prof. Dr./ Director of the laboratories unit to present it to Prof. Dr./ Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs.

27. Modify some files in the (QMS) system for the quality of the nine laboratories applying to obtain accreditation.

28. Compilation of reports on the technical training that took place in the labs of hydraulic machines and the material resistance lab.

29. Reply to the letter received from Prof. Dr. / Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs regarding laboratories that work with hazardous or explosive materials and send it to the office of Prof. Dr. / Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development to send it to him about the laboratories sector in the faculty.

30. Follow up and attend the training meeting of the Quality Team (SWAT Egypt) on Saturday 13/11/2021 to amend the files and to explain the role entrusted to the management of the laboratories unit in following up the central quality system in the laboratories and preparing the required files that still need a place for preservation.

31. Preparing a report on field visits to laboratories by the Quality Team (SWAT Egypt) to activate the necessary documents for the quality system and qualify for accreditation.

32. Correspondence to the scientific departments to collect devices that need maintenance and are useful in the educational and research process.

33. An inventory of the laboratories in need of restoration and renewal to be included in the investment plan of the faculty to develop the infrastructure of the faculty laboratories.

34. A lecture was held to review the documents related to the documentary system at the Laboratory Quality Management Center by Mr. Eng. Khaled Sadiq and Dr. Hossam Osama, on Wednesday 15/12/2021 from ten o'clock until two o'clock in the afternoon and the target group working in the management of laboratories engineering.

35. Amending, changing, adding and coding some models according to the requirements of the tests in the nine laboratories and sending them to the engineer/quality expert for review.

36. Coordination with a specialized doctor in the medical administration at the university to offer a medical lecture on:
(About the new Corona virus Covid 19, the types of vaccines and precautionary measures to follow) on Tuesday, 21/12/2021, the target group is all workers in the engineering laboratories sector and all the various sectors of the college.

37. Preparing for the meeting (restructuring the administrative apparatus and maximizing the use of laboratory engineers) by limiting the number of engineers present in the faculty’s laboratories and holding a meeting on Monday, 27/12/2021 from ten in the morning until twelve in the afternoon with Prof. / Dr. Vice Dean of the Faculty for community and environmental development, and Prof. Dr./ Director of the Quality Assurance Unit in order to maximize the benefit from them by working as a technical support officer for the laboratories of each scientific department and transferring some chemists and engineers to strengthen other places in the scientific departments.

38. Prepare for a meeting for a lecture entitled (Internal Audit) on Tuesday, 28/12/2021 at ten o'clock in the morning, for a whole day to explain how the internal audit works, who is the auditor, the implementation mechanisms and the audit scenario. A 45-minute exam was conducted in the end of the lecture in order to determine the outcome of this training and who are the internal auditors of the laboratories qualified for accreditation.

39. A consolidated report on the engineering laboratories signs to unify and develop them and write the names in both Arabic and English, after the recent development work.

40. A central system for the documents of the nine advanced laboratories is being prepared for accreditation, and all measures are taken to maintain an effective unified system in this regard.

Edited on: 3/1/2022

Director of laboratories administration
Associate Prof. Dr. /Alaa Rashad Gabr

Director of Laboratories Unit
Chemist/ Abeer Saleh Al-Toukhi

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