Throughout the periodic meetings for culturing with concepts of quality P.A.DR/Mohammed Abdalazeem ,the manager of assuring quality unit gave a symposium about self-learning today ,Tuesday 4/6/2013 in attendance of P.DR/Zaki Mohammed Zidan ,the dean of the faculty and P.DR/Magdy Alazzab ,the faculty's representative for the environmental affairs and society's service and a number of the teaching staff members and the assistants .

The symposium's goals :

  1. Asserting that the self –studying is the first step in accreditation
  2. Asserting the importance of the participation in modernizing self-studying
  3. Highlighting the importance of regarding some main obligations while preparing self –studying

Symposium's axes :

1st: introducing self –study regarding it the 1st document for assessment and accreditation

2nd: exposing the main obligations for preparing a successful self-study

3rd: exposing some clauses of self-study at the faculty and explaining and analyzing it

Recommendations :

  1. The importance of asserting the participation of all the stages of the faculty in modernizing self –study according to the real developments
  2. Asserting the follow-up of the attendants and make use of such lectures
  3. Uploading these lectures on the electronic website to make use of it at a large scale.
Mens Nike Cortez

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