National academic standards

Throughout the periodic meetings for culturing with concepts of quality P.A.DR/Mohammed Abdalazeem ,the manager of assuring quality unit gave a symposium about national academic standards , today ,Tuesday28/5/2013 in attendance of P.DR/Zaki Mohammed Zidan ,the dean of the faculty and P.DR/Magdy Alazzab ,the faculty's representative for the environmental affairs and society's service and a number of the teaching staff members and the assistants.

Symposium's goals:

  1. Introducing the national legation for assuring learning quality and its role towards the learning organizations
  2. Explaining and analyzing the standards of assessing and accrediting learning organizations
  3. Concentrating on the importance of the academic standards
  4. Studying curriculums and its design stages

Symposium's axes:

  1. Introducing the axes and standards of assessing and accrediting the organization
  2. Introducing the standards of organizational ability
  3. Introducing the standards of educational effectiveness
  4. The importance of the academic standards
  5. The advantages of the good graduate
  6. The relationship between academic standards and the targeted products
  7. Characteristics of the good product of learning
  8. Stages of knowledge domain
  9. The stages of the organizing curriculums process to meet the national referenced standards
  10. Stages of designing curriculums
  11. Path of planning educational process


  1. The need of asserting applying quality in high learning
  2. Asserting the follow-up of the attendants and make use of such lectures
  3. The need of asserting practical application and working on achieving the standards of accreditation that are put by the national legation for assuring quality and accreditation
  4. Uploading these lectures on the electronic website to make use of it at a large scale.
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