Morals of scientific researches

Throughout the periodic meetings for the culture of the definitions of quality ,Dr/Emad Albeltagi , the manager of building and construction program ,gave a symposium about the morals of scientific research , today Tuesday 11/6/2013 ,in the presence of Mr.Prof.Dr/Zaki Mohammed Zidan ,the dean of the faculty and Prof.Dr/Magdy Alazzab the faculty's representative for the environmental affairs and society's service and a number of the teaching staff members and the assistants.

Symposium's goals :

  1. Asserting the importance of the morals of scientific researches
  2. Asserting the importance of regarding science citation
  3. Highlighting the rights of intellectual property
  4. Highlighting the goals of putting intellectual property policies to the educational organizations.

Symposium's axes:

  1. 1st: exposing the main characteristics of scientific researches
  2. 2nd: exposing orals of scientific research ''perfection, scientific honest, cooperation
  3. 3rd: Defining the science citation, its shapes, permissions and the difference between it and between the scientific theft
  4. 4Th: defining scientific theft, its shapes and how to avoid scientific theft
  5. 5th: introducing the rights of intellectual property and motives of guarding
  6. 6th: Exposing the kinds of intellectual properties (industrial and artistic


  • The need of asserting the importance of guarding the perfections of scientific citation
  • Asserting ban of scientific theft and fighting it
  • The need of asserting following up the attendants and make use of such lectures
  • Loading these lectures on the electronic web site to make use of it at a large scale. 
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