Unit Tasks

  1.  Organizing graduation projects for students at the faculty level and preparing the required forms.

  2.  Developing Inventory of all student competitions both outside and inside the country.

  3.  Qualifying students to prepare proposals for graduation projects.

  4.  Conducting workshops to transform student projects into (start-up) projects.

  5.  Announcing donors for graduation projects.

  6.  Preparing for a semi-annual exhibition of graduation projects, whether graduation projects or inter-projects.

  7.  Preparing for a permanent exhibition of graduation projects.

  8.  Supervising the faculty’s financing of graduation projects.

  9.  Contributing to the participation of graduation projects in the annual engineering forum.

  10.  Organizing the use of technical expertise in graduation projects.

  11.  Submitting a monthly report on the unit's activity.

  12.  Updating and reviewing the unit's page on the faculty’s website.

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