The specifications of the dept.'s graduates

The specifications of the dept.'s graduates

  1. The ability of applying knowledge in Math, Logic and engineering sciences in general and electronics in particular.
  2. The ability of designing the electronic engineering organizations at the fields of communication engineering and all the other electronic organizations that service work areas.
  3. The ability of designing and operating the experiments and analyze its results.
  4. The ability of determining the problems of communication engineering field and solving it.
  5. The ability of working through multidisciplinary teams to solve the engineering problems in the specialized fields.
  6. Understanding and applying the professional responsibilities and the ability of the effective communication.
  7. Gaining the high necessary culture to understand the effect of engineering solves at the local and global level.
  8. The ability of self learning and realizing the need of its practice
  9. The ability of using the new engineering means, skills, instruments that are necessary to practice the profession.

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