Strategies and goals


Learning :-

Offering specialized, educational engineering programs, have a precise field in primary and post-graduated studies, and providing a standard special educational environment, to provide it's graduates with primary engineering education and a good professional experiences, to enable them participating effectively in society's services and improving their career.

Research: -

Offering high-class search environment to enable the professors and searchers and the students to make researches in the fields of exploration, implicational and primary engineering, and to apply the provided and new knowledge.
3.Leadership :- improving the leading positions for students and provide self-learning possibilities and the Stability and reasoning, to enable the working talented owners from leading the society with a high competence.

Society's service:-

Interaction with society and deepen in the field of improving the country's industry and the engineering organizations, which leads to social and economical improvement to the country through investigations and the continuous learning.


  1. Developing and improving the capabilities of teaching staff. Members and the workers in the department and supporting creativity spirits.
  2. Developing the courses and the scholastic plans continuously
  3. Improving and developing the available educational sources to cope with universal improvements.
  4. Improving the students abilities and their educational skills to concentrate on using new educational sources.
  5. Improving teaching staff members' search abilities to increase the high scientific publishing .
  6. Specialized engineering in electronic sciences and high-class different communication system graduations.
  7. Achieving the cooperation between teaching staff members and social society through continuous learning symposium researches.
  8. Produce a scientific and applied research in specialized fields in electronic applications and communication systems to solve the society's problems.



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