Research Fields of the dept.

Research Fields of the dept.

Coping with the faculty's policy in directing the scientific researches for the service of society, after studying the society's need we found many research areas in the domain of electronics and communication that linked with the increasing use of communication systems and new technology and so ,the dept. had put his current and future plane to accommodate various research areas to cover al the domains.


The aims of the research plane is represented in :-

Directing the searchers of the dept. to these domains:-

  1. Digital communications and its applications
  2. Treating references and it's applications
  3. Antennas and signals spreading
  4. The visional communication webs and it's consists
  5. Computer communication webs and it's consists
  6. Cellular communications and it's applications
  7. Treating multimedia and it's applications
  8. Nano technology and complete compasses of high density

 Covering these new research fields :

  1. Smart Antennas.
  2. 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE).
  3. DSP Approach in Integrated Optics Design.
  4. Mobile Communication.
  5. Passive Optical Networks (PON).
  6. Digital Communication Systems Design Using FPGA.
  7. Photonics Applications and Nano Electronics.
  8. Multimedia Encryption and Watermarking.
  9. Founding a research schools have a special activities.
  10. Interacting with society and environment through participating in solving their problems and offering special studies.
  11. Activating search cooperation with the other depts. inside the faculty and the university.
  12. Founding a special research labs.
  13. Encouraging the searchers on scientific publish at the high local and international conferences.


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