Workshop under the name of the role of the managerial system in accreditation

Lecturer: Prof.A.Dr/Mohamed Abd Alazeem

Job: the manager of the assuring quality unit

The time of the workshop: at half past eleven p.m.

The place: the theatre of P.DR/Rashad Albeblawy

The total number of the participants :(74)participant from the managerial system.


  1. Asserting the importance of applying the quality's management in high learning
  2. Defining the role of the managerial system in the faculty's accreditation3-assuring that the accreditation is the start cause it is given ,stopped ,and withdrawn

The workshop axes :

1st:defining quality in high learning

2nd: showing the most important reasons for increasing of applying the quality management in the high learning

3rd: showing the most important goals of applying the quality management in the educational process

4th: showing and analyzing the axes of the evaluating application of the performance of the high learning organization

Beside the workshop:

Mr.Prof.Dr/Zaki Zedan ,the dean of the faculty ,had honored Mr.Mohammed Yassien ,the geometric physics LAB secretary and the administrative of the prepatory control , and Mr.Mohammed Magdy ,the head of study and exams department ,as the best workers and Mr.Moataz Abdalmonem and Mr.Ahmed Abo Zaid ,assistant service as the best labors in June 2013,as he gave to the honorees prizes as an appreciation for their efforts in their work and that in the presence of Prof .Dr./Magdy Alazab the faculty's representative for society's service affairs ,Prof.A.Dr./Mohammed Abdalazeem ,the manager of the assuring quality unit


  1. The need of assertion on the importance of applying quality in high learning
  2. The need of following up the attendants and make use of such lectures
  3. The need of asserting the importance of praxis and working on achieving the discrimination of accreditation that are put by the national authority for assuring unit
  4. Uploading these lectures on the electronic web site to make use of it at a large scale

Evaluating the attendants of the workshop:

  1. Attendatnts are good and the lecturer is obliged to the topic of the symposium that is announced
  2. The topic of the symposium was shown simply at all the stages of the attendants
  3. The importance of the symposium's topic was shown from the attending and the time commitment and the
  4. Remarkable experiences and the discussion between the lecturer and the attendants.
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