Workshop under the name of 'achieving the discriminations of accreditation

Workshop's name: achieving the discriminations of accreditations

Lecturer : Prof.Dr /Eprahim garelelm Rashed

Jop: free professor at mathematics and geometric physics

Symposium's date :on Thursdays 30/5/2013

Symposium's time:  at half past eleven P.M

Place: the theatre of professor /Rashad Al badrawy

The total of the participants:(91)participant: (63)member of them are from the teaching staff -28 members are workers

Symposium's axes:

  1. Defining the vision, mission and the strategic goals of Mansoura University
  2. Defining the vision and the mission of faculty of engineering
  3. What is the meaning of learning assuring quality? And why learning quality are urgent?
  4. What is the national legation of assuring learning quality and accreditation, and what are its main goals?
  5. The role of communal parties and the learning organization in achieving learning quality
  6. What is the reaction of applying quality's systems in our faculty?
  7. What are the standards of accreditation that the legation specified?
  8. Is there an expire date for accreditation certificate?
  9. What will happen if our quality doesn’t include the standards of accreditation?


  1. Assuring that quality is documenting practices
  2. The need of asserting on following –up the attendance and make use of such lectures?
  3. The need of asserting the importance of studying, analyzing, and guessing the vision and mission of the faculty through a questionnaire will be suggested in the next workshop as one way of participating in its modifying and framing
  4. Uploading these lectures on the electronic website to make use of it at a large scale.

Evaluating the attendants in the symposium

  1. Attentdants are good and the lecturer is obliged by the topic of the symposium that was announced
  2. The topic of the symposium was showed simply, easy to be understood by all the grades of the attendants
  3. The importance of the symposium's topic was shown from the attending and the time commitment and the remarkable experiences and the discussion between the lecturer and the attendants. 



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