speech of vice dean for students and education affairs

Dear boys students/ girl students

It is indeed that the faculty of engineering - Mansoura University has a window on Egypt and the world. Where we can have a glimpse on the minds of the others, turn pages on its past and its present on various forms of knowledge that forms a garden of beautiful shaps. Its sky is clear and its land is green, its address is humanity and its contents is the successful experiences.

Dear boys students/ girl students

The faculty of engineering - Mansoura University has the honour that you belong to it, it is in need that you exert the ulmost effort to raise the status of our dear faculty and to exploit its educational sanctirary to polish knowledge  and applicable activities that concern you so as you will benifit the Egytian society and represent our region in all organizations, companies and factories.and a leg you to activit participate in students' activities so as to raise the assets of the faculty of engineering inside Mansoura University and Egyptian  Universities.

So, it is our aim to raise Mansoura University name so as it can gain a distinguished position inside and outside our dear country.

Last, but not least, I pray that God guide and bless you with success and success in your study and in your present and future life.

Prof. Dr. /Mohamed Gamal Ebrahim Mohamed Mahdy


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