1. Providing consultancy and technical studies for existing projects in the field of engineering activity and proposing solutions to address their technical problems.
  2. Providing preliminary studies for engineering projects and preparing technical, environmental and economic feasibility studies.
  3. Planning, designing engineering projects and preparing executive drawings.
  4. Preparing environmental research and studies on a competitive scientific, economic and social basis.
  5. Preparing tender documents and technical specifications for engineering projects.
  6. Studying and analyzing bids submitted by companies executing engineering projects.
  7. Examining and testing materials, devices and equipment for the projects that the center supervises, to ensure their quality and safety.
  8. Engineering supervision - in accordance with professional engineering rules and standards, participation in the initial and final receiving operations.
  9. Conducting laboratory and field experiments to serve the work of consulting, research and engineering studies.
  10. Organizing theoretical and practical training courses to raise the efficiency of workers in the engineering fields.

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