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"ITESA" Funding the projects of the subborting initiative of reseach cooperation between companies and universities


Written by : Mohammed Fathy

The organization of improving the industry of information technology 'Eteda' holded a conference to sign the documents of financing the programs of the 10th course project , the organization finances some projects on a competitive basis through ITAC, the initiative of supporting the research cooperation between companies and universities and initiative research centers aiming to developing the Egyptian industry of communication and and information technology through supporting the research cooperation between the searchers at research universities and centers and this on one hand and the information system companies on the other hand .
Throughout the framework of the 10th course for initiative , the companies and the research areas suggests 44 mutual researches suggestions the committee of observation had chosen specialized specialized technicians arbitrators for evaluating it, the committee arranged the projects according to the evaluation of the arbitrators ,and it had chosen the the project that got 'good mark' to present a presentations at the organization's residence in the presence of the arbitrators and the memders of the steering committee and according to the evaluation of the presentations , the steering committee had chosen the most perfect projects . 
The initiative program regards one of the most important ITAC. Eng .Yasser al kady the executive manager of the organization of improving the industry of information technology 'AITEDA' mentioned that the initiative program that is sponsored dby the organization to support the cooperation between the research and academic areas and work fields and it will be improved through the few coming years that is presented through offering a good examples of new jobs to encourage the largest number of companies to increase its returns.looking for ward to the tour of the Egyptian legation headed by Dr. Mohammed Salem the minister of communication and information technology in a research organizations in Finland and a huge budgets were funded for it about 4.5 billion and it's an organization tha depends on the same example of program FINPRO, it significantly contribute to graduate a skillful competence in work fields and preparing it to work at many international companies like Nokia . he added that many countries like Singapore depends mainly in its economical growth on the small projects . a huge budget was funded by Dr/ Hesham Ali Arafat , the professor at computer engineering dept . for research and development to connect the scientific research to the societies needs he stressed the importance of the integration between investments , researches and the perfect exploitation of human energies .
The high steering committee agreed on the suggestion of the presented project in cooperation with 'cloud nainers' company for information system and it’s a project to produce a default factory system based on systems at faculty of engineering , Mansoura universities and the project specialize at applying cloud –based virtual labs system . The counselor of the intelligent lab, that supports the user and , and evaluates its level continuously and offering help and guidance during the training period , with the possibility of exposing the content of the website and giving shows about the educational units .the committee agreed on the suggestion of Dr/Ahmed Hazem Almahdy in cooperation with phemof company for software and its project for producing a real time facial recognition using the technique of the processed CDs units and this project aims to enable the benefits of the alternate processing units to the main processor for sowftware developers and this through developing a compact sowftware frame to the application of the high performance needs faces , and thidthis due to the importance of such programs and its large complication that make it an essential step to open the way develop another kinds of applications , the main benefit of the project in the 1st time is the easiness of using the mobiles that permits the immediate recognition of the faces without the need to use physical devices and with a little use of the energy . at the same context and according to the decision of the authority board of agreeing on financing the Egyptian participation of the companies and universities and research centers , the authority agreed ITA2and it was awarded the Egyptian slogan ITEAin the research cooperation projects that was permitted through the framework of a program where the participation is financed by a new completing program to initiative of supporting the research cooperation between companies ,universities , and Egyptian research centers . At the condition of accepting the projects from the Egyptian research areas to enter an international cooperation through ITEA. The program that is presented by the Egyptian coalition that includes 'web of object woo company and it agreed on the project of 'the web things 'smartek' and Cairo university and nma company for technology , the last one regarded the coordinator of the production of a simple order for the process of building and operation of web for things and the project regards a mutual effort between the cooperation for reinforcement of a group of the different technology of systems that are based on the intensive software and compact devices and converting it to continuous a commercial environment to serve the field of the mechanization of the commercial buildings , aiming to simplify the process of operating building and maintenance of these devices that achieves its commercial spread and its success at the Egyptian market and it's expected that thw authority will sign the contracts of the other projects of the 10th course for initiative and they are three projects in the next period in addition to signing another project through the framework of ITEA program.

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