The Department achievements

Egyptian tablet device

At computer engineering and system control dept. in the competition of Egypt achievement,blink team awarded two prizes and a purse of 50,000LE from mobinil company and this for their project ''social media' in a competition to produce Egyptian educational tablet as finance to found their company under the supervise of Prof .Dr/Hesham Arafat Ali ,the dept leader and the faculty's representative for students and learning affairs

The team members:

  1. Khaled Mohammed Atteia ''team leader''
  2. Shimaa Saber
  3. Islam Samy Almenyawy
  4. Ahmed Abdalrazek Nasr
  5. Al ashry
  6. Mohammed Ali Abdaljalil
  7. Mohammed Ahmed Eed
  8. Nermeen Mohammed Sedeek
  9. Neseeba Nasser Mansour
  10. Yehia Alsaeed Alaam

The project's idea:

Building and designing a reactive education device helping in the educational process at all ages and building all the software that is used to show all the educational materials and holding a dialogue with the teacher ,exams ,and discussing it collectively .And replying the questions and establishing an interaction between many students to complete a complex task .

About the competition:

The organization of Egypt achievement works on enabling youth to face the life with all its demands and habilitating them to make future and achieving their ambitions and the advancement of their company, improving their skills to enable them enter the labor work as qualified workers or businessmen.

Egypt achievement organization started as program under the auspices of the authority of saving children and it became an Egyptian authority ,non- profit registered under the number of 6899 for the year 2007 , that is belongs to al maady administration of social solidarity and the ''achievement'' organization executed an educational subjects represent the Arabic translation for curriculum that is followed by the international organization ''junior achievement' that is regarded the oldest and largest educational organization in the world at the field of works and economy ,the organization aims to improve the youth skills to enter the labor market as qualified workers or businessmen aiming to the standards of human power.

120 persons entered the competition in Egypt and only 25 from them were accepted according t some standards and they are :

  1. Project's idea
  2. Elevator pitch and it's a video of one minute to explain the project's idea
  3. Abstract: sum for the project's idea in English and Arabic
  4. Business model canvas
  5. Bussiness plan

And after all these standards 21 groups were chosen to reach the final competition that was held the A.U in Cairo at the fifth district and the groups were evaluated there , according to some other standards

  1. Presentation
  2. Showing booth at some references from different companies
  3. Social media research: specifying 10% from assessment according to the media spread of the project through the pages of social communication.


The sponsor companies of the event

Mobinil (Main Sponsor)
Giza Systems



Prof. Dr. Hesham Arafat

Leader's of Computer Engineering and System Department

Vice Dean of Students and Education Affairs

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