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 ''Phinix 1'' flying robot to maintain security inside universities, invented by students at Mansoura faculty of engineering 
''Almasry alyoum''9/5/2013 

The actions of fights that happened at some universities lately among them Mansoura university were supposed as a red light and a warning whistle ;group of students at computer engineering system control dept. decided to make use of it and working on providing a safe time inside universities ,and so the idea of their graduating project was producing a flying robot that can be controlled remotely ,can take photos of actions to start another stage of treating information to reach the events sides and the fast interference to stop the crimes before its develop, under the supervise of DR. AbdelhammeedFawzyIprahim , the professor at computer engineering and system control dept. –Mansoura university .
DR. AbdalHAMEEDIprahim mentioned that, the actions that the security condition at the country is facing was a push for us to look for a mean to keep security that can offer help to the security sides to deal with accidents and emergency like: The entry of unknown car to the university or the actions of some people that are illegal. Through inventing a mean that can interfere fast with its remote control and directing it to catch photos of the actions to start a new stage of work that helps the security agencies to catch criminals.
DR. Iprahim added that we started thinking of producing flying robot that is provided with camera , can be remote directed to the places of actions and using photo shoots to show car number , or the face of the accused person in the action and using . And it flies with a convenient length that enables itto catch photos clearly without damaging it .
Because the topic of his PHD Is about the new techniques in treating photos , DR . Abdelhameediprahim worked with six of students to offer information that can facilitate the mission of the security sides and they are: Talat Maher , Mohammed Atteia , BasantHammam , AbdAllh Al kallash , Mohammed Eed And Sara Hassan .
DR. Iprahim mentioned , we had counted the numbers of the airway Egyptian and foreign universities in Egypt ; we followed plans without pilots that are in Egypt, and we searched in the defaults of it to let ; and the most clear is that it had a problem in its work system , and it suffer from the no balance and it doesn’t have cameras hence , we provided the flying robot with camera and offering the means of balance to transfer an accurate photo of the events to be treated accurately and providing an advanced abilities in follow –on .
The team members succeeded in developing a plane without pilot of the name of ''phinix 1'' with a program of their invention that represents the largest part from the fund of the project as the supervisor of the project asserts ,but it's nothing beside the real fund at labor market .
Also,they could collect the parts of the plane from engines, butteries and remote control device of a simple price that is between three or four thousand pounds ,with providing an advanced techniques to treat photos ,all that under the slogan of the team ''no one controls us ''and that gains the administration of DR. AlsayedAbdalkhalek ''the university's leader ''and the participants in the first scientific conference for researches and inventions of university students that was hold lately

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