A Report on the Faculty Council Meeting No. (581)

Faculty Council No. (581) was held on Monday, June 12, 2023 at exactly ten o’clock in the morning in Prof. Dr. Rashad El Badrawi Conference Hall, where the council was chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Azim, Dean of the Faculty, and in the presence of faculty vice deans, heads of scientific departments, program directors and representatives of some institutions of the external community.
The session was opened by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Azim, Dean of the Faculty where His Excellency:

⁃ Welcomed the attendees.
⁃ Offered words of lamentation in consolation to the families of those whom God passed away in the recent period.
⁃ Congratulated the attendees on the occasion of approaching Eid Al-Adha.
⁃ Congratulated the faculty members who were promoted, as AP Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Metwally Awad, Department of Public Works Engineering, AP Dr. Ibrahim Nabil Ibrahim El-Desouki, Department of Production Engineering and Mechanical Design.
⁃ Mentioned the annual citation processing of the faculty scientific journal.
⁃ Explained in detail what pertains to each of: research projects, graduation projects for students, applied scientific research, and the number of patents.
⁃ Briefed the attendees on what has taken place in the golden jubilee ceremony of the faculty.
⁃ Praised the awards that the faculty has won in student competitions in the recent period.
⁃ Mentioned what happened regarding the visit of the best environmentally friendly university to the Faculty of Engineering.
⁃ Spoke about the level of satisfaction and appreciation of the visit of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education to the faculty.
⁃ Praised Mansoura Engineering for winning the second and third places in the Huawei International Competition in China.
⁃ Talked about the necessity of creating an exhibition of student projects.
⁃ Mentioned the selection of Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Tawfiq as an assistant to the technical advisor for the Energy Excellence Agreement from the Agreement Administration, and that he was appointed as Director of the Faculty’ s Energy Excellence Center.
⁃ Presented what was done regarding the ISO certificates that the faculty is about to obtain.
⁃ Presented the financial compensation for teaching hours in quality programs, as well as the salaries of directors, vice deans and academic hours in specific programs in the faculty for the academic year 2023/2024.
⁃ Distinguished staff who have achieved successes and won awards in the recent period were honored. Prof. Dr. Abeer Tawakul, Director of Huawei Academy in the faculty was honored for her student team winning the second and third places in the China Global Competition. Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Murtaji was also honored for his remarkable efforts in Structural analysis competition, Mr. Ehab Mostafa, Director of the Computational Unit, was honored for his outstanding efforts, and Mrs. Shereen Mohamed El-Sayed, Administrative Director of the Graduate Studies Program, was also honored for her well-known contribution to the accuracy of performance and the speedy completion of her work in the program.

Then, His Excellency moved to discuss the topics on the agenda and took decisions regarding them with the members of the esteemed Faculty Council.

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