An Invitation to Attend the International Conference on Innovative, Pioneering and Smart Sciences at Nile University, Sheikh Zayed City

The Nile National University has the honor to invite faculty members to attend and participate in the International Conference on Innovative and Leading Emerging Sciences in its fifth session (NILES2023). The conference will be held this year at the headquarters of Nile University in Sheikh Zayed City from 21-23 October 2023, with great support from the university and under the auspices of the IEEE International Foundation.

The conference provides a platform for researchers, engineers, academics and industrialists to participate in discussing the latest research in various fields of engineering and technology. The conference is an Egyptian-international forum for sharing international research experiences of modern technological technologies and discussing new contributions that have arisen in various fields of science such as: electrical engineering, communications engineering, industrial engineering, mechatronics and mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering, informatics and biomedical engineering. The objectives of the conference include encouraging young researchers and encouraging the participation of the international scientific community with Egyptian scientists and students to keep pace with the revolutionary development in the fields of technology.

The NILES2023 conference is listed in the IEEE Index (IEEE Scopus #59815) and has also been included in the index in all previous years, and since the conference began in October 2019 until 2022, it is an excellent opportunity to publish and support Egyptian and internationally joint scientific research. This year's conference will include research posts, educational lectures, discussion sessions, public speeches, interactive lectures in the fields of engineering, industry and technology, and special sessions. Nile University thanks all organizing committees and participants in the conference from various countries. We also celebrate this year with a large international participation, and the list of keynote speakers will also include a group of prominent professors in various aspects of science and technology, including:

Prof. Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania - USA, H-index 90

Prof. Bob Reuben, Heriot-Watt University - UK, H-index 34

Prof. Ahmed Eltawil, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology - KSA, H-index 26

Prof. Anne Elster, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NOR, H-index 12

Note that the deadline for sending papers is July 15, 2023. Please follow the website: for all conference news and developments.

For more details, please go to this link:::

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