Revitalizing the Post-Experience Studies Program and Specialized Training Courses at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research

The Institute of Graduate Studies and Research was established by Presidential Decree No. 139 in June 1983. Since its inception, the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research has been distinguished by what is known as the Post-Experience Studies Program, in addition to distinguished and specialized scientific courses in various fields of applied and practical sciences in the four departments of the Institute: Environmental Studies, Materials Sciences, Biotechnology, and the Information Technology Department. This training program was distinguished by hosting many foreign professors and researchers from various prestigious international universities. Out of our belief in the role of this distinguished scientific edifice, its location in the center of Alexandria University, the role it plays in community service, researchers, postgraduate students, and the educational process in general.

The Institute announces the start of registration for a workshop titled:

  • Workshop on Infectious Diseases & Photodynamic Therapy - 04-05 June 2023
  • Scientific Writing Workshop - 07-08 June 2023

For more details, please go to this link:::

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Mansoura, Republic Street - the university campus, the main gate to Al-Bahr Street

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