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Graduate Specifications

Depending on the National Academic Reference Standards (NARS 2018, Engineering 2nd Edition), and as mentioned in the framework reference of January 2020, graduates of Sustainable Architecture Engineering Program should to be able to possess the following general skills:

  • Mastering engineering knowledge and specialized skills then applying this acquired knowledge by using theories and critical thinking in real-life situations.
  • Applying the basics of analytical critical thinking to identify, diagnose, and solve engineering issues of multilevel complication and variety.
  • Acting professionally as well as abiding to professional ethics, and engineering standards.
  • Working within a team of heterogeneous professionals with different engineering specializations, taking responsibility of team performance, and being able to lead that team.
  • Recognizing his/her role in enhancing and developing the engineering filed and participating in developing the profession of engineering and community service.
  • Valuing the importance of environment, both physical and natural, and working to enhance the foundations of sustainability and life quality.
  • Using contemporary engineering techniques, skills, and tools required to work in engineering and engineering project management.
  • Taking full responsibility of self-learning and self-development, participating in self-sustained learning, and showing capability to keep learning and engage in post-graduate studies and scientific research.
  • Communicating effectively with different audiences by using different means, tools, and languages to handle professional and academic challenges creatively and critically.
  • Manifesting leadership and business administration skills as well as managing engineering projects and entrepreneurship skills.

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