A research plan for the academic year

A research plan for the academic year 2021/2022


A research plan for the academic year 2012/2013 

The main domains:-

Facing the expected power gap because of the increasing onsumption in a higher rate than the production one.

  • Decreasing the consumption, and improving the competence of the used energy..
  • Improving the production distribution of local power.
  • Increasing energy reserves of the local power.
  • Increasing the use of renewable sources of energy.
  • Prof.Dr/sSalah Hassan Al emam , Prof. Dr/helmy Alsayed Gad, Prof.Dr/Alsayed Abd al hady , Prof. Dr/Ahmed abd al Razek Soltan,Dr/Waleed waleed mohammed Abd al Hai, Prif.Dr/mostafa Mostafa Awad, Prof.Dr/Mohammed Asob saafan, and Prof.Dr/Iprahim Iprahim Alsharkawy.

 Supporting the high valued industries :-

  • Chemical and drug industry
  • Application in the electronic industry domains
  • Medical engineering
  • Food industry

Prof. Dr. / Mahmoud mostafa awad , Prof. Dr / salah Hassan al emom , prof dr / mohmmed nabeil sabry . Prof. Dr / Alsayed Abd elhady al shafay, Prof. Dr/ Ali Mostafa Iiprahim Al boz.

 The new applications in micro Nano technology domain :-

  • The micro electromechanical devices
  • Flexible organic electronics
  • Vital technology
  • The micro senses and it's different industrial applications
  • Electronic refrigeration

 Prof. dr/ mohammed nadeel sabry, dr/ hossam saad eldeen saleh, dr/ ahmed abd alsalam abd elhady.

 Water and environment :-

  • Water treatment
  • Water desalination
  • Reduce the water wastage and activate it's consumption awareness
  • Pollution control
  • Waste recycling
  • The climate changes and its environmental effects.

Prof. Dr / Magdy Aborayan, prof. Dr/ Hassan Mansour Alsaady , Prof. Dr/Llofty Hassan Rrabeen , Prof. Dr/ Mohamed Safwat Saad Aldeen, Prof. Dr/ Berg Ohans,Dr/ Mohamed Abd Allah Elnagar, Dr/ Mohammed Hassan Mansour.

The department's leader
Prpf. Dr/ Mohammed Nabeel Sabry

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