Organizational Chart

-The center has technical, scientific, and experimental groups which is specialized from academic, technical, and administrative staff members and Scientific, experimental, technological potentials

-In which each group specializes in working one of the engineering activities of following scientific departments:

  • Computer Engineering and Control Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering and Communications
  • Mechanical Power Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Engineering Physics

The internal chart is composed of the following:

  • President: Prof.  Mohammed Ibrahim Elsaid - The Dean
  • Vice President: Prof.  Maher Mohamed Abdel Razek - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development.
  • Member: Prof. Saad Saad Iskander - Professor of Electrical Engineering Department (Representative of Electrical Departments).
  • Member: Dr. Sharif Masood Ahmed Badawi - Assistant Professor of Public Works Engineering Department (Director of the Center).
  • Member: Prof. Mohssan Mohammed Izz Al-Din Ahmed - Retired Professor of Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulics Department (Representative of Civil Departments).
  • Member: Dr. Noha Fuda Ibrahim Salama - Assistant Professor of Production Engineering and Mechanical Design Department (Representative of Mechanical Departments).
  • Member: Dr. Imad Abdul Latif Alngeri - Retired Assistant Professor of Mechanical Power Engineering Department and director of IT unit.
  • Member: Dr. Aid Abdul Baqi Ahmed – Lecturer of Electrical Engineering Department and director of technical services unit.
  • Member: Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Farag Rizk Sharabasi – Lecturer of Irrigation and Hydraulics Engineering Department and director of the training unit.

Administrators and secretary:

Review all administrative work - preparation and processing and updating files - correspondence with various individuals and entities - preparing for the meetings of the board - complete the various needs of the center (modern technologies) to ensure the quality of the center services such as computers - printing machine and photocopiers.

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors                                       
  • Vice Board Chairman                                                             
  • Center Director                                                                      
  • Vice Center Director                                                              
  • Administrative affairs                                                            
  • Technology of Workshops Unit Director                                  
  • Engineering Laboratories Unit Director                                       
  • Technical Services Unit Director                                         
  • Director of the Training Unit                                                
  • GIS Unit Director                                                                  
  • Director of Structural Project Management Unit                     
  • Knitwear and Garment Unit Director                                        
  • Marketing Unit Director                                                        
  • Director of Nutrition Unit                                                     

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