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Using work to inspire and provide services through smart, more productive and successful solutions that lead to success by providing beneficiaries and partners with values and opportunities in light of Egypt's trends.


1. Foreseeing the future, studying the social and political options facing society.
2. Monitoring regional and global transformations, determining the forces and variables governing the future movement.
3. Adopting creative ideas that contribute to developing infrastructure.
4. Improving job and academic performance.
5. Raising the level of quality in the services provided by the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University at its three levels (educational, research and community).
6. Investing in information technology and communication technology to raise the efficiency of services and digital transformation in the light of Egypt’s vision 2030.
7. Creating a distinct work environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.
8. Interacting, with community institutions in common areas.
9. Supporting the readiness of the institution in the face of crises and disasters and reducing their risks.

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Mansoura, Republic Street - the university campus, the main gate to Al-Bahr Street

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