Artificial Intelligence Engineering Program

Mission, Vision and Objectives of AIE


Reach the rank of creativity and leadership locally and regionally in the field of artificial intelligence engineering and its applications.


Prepare a distinguished engineer who is professionally qualified and capable of competing in major institutions whose field of work depends on advanced technology, serving society and developing the environment.


• Provide the graduate with high capabilities and skills in solving problems at the academic and professional levels.

• Develop the student’s analytical and logical thinking skills.

• Create a generation of engineers with a good background in the field of artificial intelligence to work in the design and implementation of complex systems based on artificial intelligence.

. Prepare qualified cadres with a high degree of scientific and professional ability to work in institutions that design and implement applications based on artificial intelligence locally and internationally.

• Achieve integration among engineering disciplines in the research and applied fields.

• Develop engineering research to modify and improve the technological foundations in the applications of artificial intelligence engineering.

• Serve community through the applications of artificial intelligence in various fields of life.

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