Building and Construction Engineering Program

Mission, Vision and Objectives


The building and construction engineering program aims to prepare distinguished graduates who can face various challenges that meet the needs of the local and regional market, keep pace with technical and research development, and contribute effectively to achieving sustainable development.  Graduates are also professionally qualified to meet the requirements of society in a manner that does not conflict with the ethics of the profession.


Excellence in the field of building and construction engineering at the local and regional levels.

Objectives of the Program:

  • Build a successful career in the field of building and construction engineering and related fields based on engineering knowledge, creative thinking, and effective communication.
  • Participate in solving engineering problems related to the environment and society, using the concepts of building, construction, and modern technology.
  • Develop the skills of working professionally, cooperating with others, promoting ethical behavior, and promoting noble human values.
  • Prepare cadres of graduates who can meet the needs of the labor market and bridge the gap between educational and industrial institutions.
  • Create a generation of distinguished engineers who can keep pace with development, technology, and scientific research in the field of building and construction.
  • Continue updating and developing the program to ensure the efficiency of the quality assurance system in preparing a distinguished graduate.
  • Consolidate the moral and humanitarian values ​​and principles in the graduates in a way that will benefit their society and their country.
  • Apply the concepts of building and construction in the design, implementation, and management of engineering projects in accordance with economic, environmental, and social conditions.

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