A Report on the Technical Advisor's Visit to the Energy Excellence Center

Within the framework of the Energy Excellence Agreement between the University of Arizona in the United States and Egyptian universities (Ain Shams, Mansoura and Aswan), a working visit was made by Prof. Dr. Tamer Al-Nadi, the technical advisor for the Energy Excellence Center to the Faculty of Engineering. The visit program began with a protocol meeting in the office of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Azim, Dean of the faculty, in the presence and participation of Prof. Dr. Sahar Sedky, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development and Director of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Engineering Program, and Prof. Dr. Sherif El-Badawy, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research, then an extensive meeting was held in Prof. Dr. Rashad El-Badrawy Conference Hall, attended by a large number of faculty members, assistant staff, and students, in which Prof. Dr. Tamer El-Nadi talked about how to apply for research projects funded by USAID through the Energy Excellence Agreement, he explained the financing mechanisms, and the type of projects that must be submitted. He also talked about the student exchange program and the preference criteria for choosing among students applying to travel to study at the University of Arizona.
Then the faculty members who won research projects were honored in the presence and participation of Dr. Mohamed Mustafa, Director of the Research Projects Support Unit, and the students who received student exchange grants were also honored. Prof. Dr. Vice-Dean of the faculty for Environment, Prof. Dr. Technical Advisor for the Energy Excellence Agreement and all the attendees went on an inspection tour of a number of the faculty's laboratories related to the Energy Excellence Agreement, where they were seen in complete readiness in preparation for their contribution to the completion of the research or studies that will be conducted in them.
At the end of the visit tour, a meeting was held in the office of Prof. Dr. Dean of the faculty, where he expressed his full readiness to provide full and unlimited support for the Energy Excellence Agreement and to achieve the positive revenue expected to be gained from it, because of its great impact on the future of the current generation and future generations, and on a clean environment that we hope to live in.

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