"Time Management and Dealing with Work Pressure" Course

On Tuesday,15/11/2022, the Strategic Future Unit held a training course for members of the faculty’s administrative team, entitled “Time Management and Dealing with Work Pressures,” as part of the initiative to develop the capabilities of the administrative staff (Mansoura Engineering 2030).
Dr. Amira Kamal Ahmed Abdel Hamid Jaafar, lecturer of business administration, Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, gave a highly informative, impressive lecture. The training of the administrative staff runs under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abeer Tawakul Khalil, Head of the Training Committee of the Strategic Future Unit. The training course aims to provide members of the administrative staff with the skills of how to manage time and deal with work pressures, how to solve problems and overcome difficulties in an innovative, creative and distinct way, in light of the sustainable development plan in accordance with Egypt's Vision 2030, which aims to form an efficient and effective administrative staff that applies the concepts of governance and digital transformation.

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