Activities of the Children’s Course ( Basics of Technology, Architecture and Energy)

Today, Sunday, August 7, 2022, activities of explaining the course for children aged 8 years to 16 years, about simple electronic circuits, were presented. 
An explanation of the material was presented in proportion to the age group of children, taking into account the application of the practical aspect through the children conducting practical experiments with their own hands.
Prof. Dr. Abeer Tawakkol,  praised the efforts of the team of trainers: Eng. Shorouk Muhammad, Eng. Aya Saad, Eng. Esraa Abdel-Wahhab, Eng. Ahmed Ramadan, Eng. Ali Taher, Eng. Maged Yasser, Eng. Muhammad Hisham , Eng. Jalal. Abdel Hadi, Eng. Muhammad Yasser, Eng. Sarah Atef, and Eng. Enas Ayman.

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