Internal Contracting for Faculty Members

Faculty members at the Faculty of Engineering can contract internally through the unit for the purpose of conducting research in order to achieve the unit’s goals in light of the laws, regulations and regulating decisions.

General Terms:

  1. The applicant should be affiliated with the Faculty of Engineering - Mansoura University, he should be full-time for research work within the unit.
  2. The applicant is a faculty member (lecturer - assistant professor - professor).
  3. External assignment is not permissible during the contracting period.
  4. Staff members holding administrative positions are not allowed.

How to apply:

  1. Application is through the Research Support Unit at the faculty in the Specific Programs Building on the upper second floor - Faculty of Engineering.
  2. A research project proposal is prepared for progress, with an explanation of the project's objectives, time period, and expected results during the contract period (the results to be drawn from it, the methods used to achieve it, the final beneficiaries of the project's results, participation with governmental or private external agencies).
  3. The number of research expected from the project shall be clarified so that it is not less than the number of two researches Q1 or 3 researches Q2 or a research Q1 and two researches Q2 according to the classification (WOS), as well as applying for at least one of the research projects funded externally according to the various calls during the contract term.
  4. A quarterly technical report on the research activities of the faculty member is submitted.
  5. The duration of the contract is one year, renewable once research projects are obtained, and based on the annual report of the participating member, which shows the most important extracted and expected research results for the project.
  6. Applications for the program (for contracting / contract renewal) are evaluated through specialized committees issued by a decision of the Board of Directors.
  7. The contract shall be made through the Scientific Research Support Unit of the Graduate Studies and Research Sector, according to the contracting model.


  1. A monthly reward for the faculty member throughout the contract period.
  2. Two days off per week are granted during the contracting period.
  3. Two hours of teaching in specific programs are allowed each semester to keep the faculty member in contact with students.
  4. Giving priority to the participating member to apply for funding through the faculty’s research fund (equipment, materials, conference attendance, etc.).

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