An Introductory Meeting on the Services Provided by the Student Projects Unit

In light of the vision and mission of the faculty, which seeks to graduate a distinguished engineer who is able to compete in the labor market, and its interest in spreading the culture of entrepreneurship to transform student projects and their ideas into distinct start-up companies that contribute to advancing the wheel of construction and development, the distinguished program managers and their deputies, teaching staff and members of the supporting staff, as well as students registered for graduation projects, were invited to attend an introductory meeting on the services provided by the Student Projects Unit on Tuesday, 15/11/2022, in Prof.Dr. Majdi Abu Rayan amphitheater.

The meeting began with an opening speech by Prof. Dr. Hossam El-Din Salah Mostafa - General Coordinator of Specific Programs, welcoming the attendees and emphasizing the keenness of the faculty administration to harness all capabilities for final-year students to complete their projects in an honorable manner.

Then, the services provided by the Student Projects Unit were reviewed through a presentation by Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Hassan Tawfiq - Director of the Unit. The presentation dealt with the most important services that enable the student to follow up on the various opportunities available around him for financing, whether through introducing the various incubators, business accelerators and donors, or through various competitions, and explaining how to access them. The presentation also dealt with an explanation of how to access and deal with project writing templates, as well as the financial and non-financial services provided by the unit to the teams registered in it. Furthermore, the presentation dealt with an explanation of the unit's registration mechanism and frequently asked questions for students.

After that, the meeting was concluded with a speech by Prof. Dr. Sahar Sidqi Kaddah - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, which dealt with encouraging students to prepare to participate in the faculty's annual exhibition of projects and to complete filling out project summaries forms in preparation for preparing the faculty’s project booklet.


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